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You are an Immortal Being

Awake from the stupor of the identification of your thoughts and desires, and then in the motionless space of Consciousness the insane, forever changing world will be tamed into a wonderful game.

You are an immortal being, who is lost in the world of isolation, and is now desperately searching for Itself.

You fall into the silence. In that silence you will experience the Consciousness without forms, and recognize that you are the Presence without thoughts. 

This is the state of awareness, when Presence clearly shines out.

The world of forms and shapes loses its significance. The Existence remains as the only reality
You are the space of the pure Consciousness. Your image of the world is just a content inside the space of the Consciousness.

You are the Existence, the Presence, the Witness, who is not acting, only contemplating the dance of the forms and shapes.

You are the motionless space of Consciousness.

(This book is an anthology, a collection from his most interesting writings.)



Are you Awake?. 11
The Signs of Spiritual Awakening. 18
The Suffering as Wake-Up Call 23
3 Turning Points During Awakening. 27
3 Gift of the Mindfulness. 35
Be Mindful and Conscious! 38
The Age of Spiritual Awakening Has Really Begun – New Research Confirms  42


Who am I Beyond my Personal History?. 51
You are an Immortal Being, Who is Lost in a Separate World. 59
The Secrets of the Spiritual Journey. 64
The Last Chapter of our Personal History. 68
The First Step of the Journey. 70
Are You a Mature Soul?. 72
4 Levels of the Spiritual Growth. 78
The Three Birth of the Human Spirit 83
Take this Simple Step to Know Your True Self 89
The Magical Power of the Real Self-Knowledge. 95
Negative Thoughts as a Teacher 99
The Shadow of Spiritual Growth: the Guilt 104
Bad Karma–Obstacle or Challenge on the Spiritual Path?. 108
Transform Your Life with the Power of Acceptance. 112
5 Powerful Steps to Emotional Healing. 116


Forgotten Purpose of the Mind. 125
The Power of the Conditioned Mind. 132
The Deepest Unconscious Condtionings of the Mind. 136
The Secret of the Constructive Energy. 142
4 Potent Ways of Accessing the Most Creative Forces of Your Mind  145
Meditation - an Effective Remedy for the Overburdened Mind  149
Jump into Unknown! 152

IV. THE EGO.. 157

The Ego – Friend or Obstacle?. 159
The Rise and Fall of the Ego. 166
The Tricks of the Spiritual Ego. 174
Is the Ego the World's Biggest Illusion?. 178
Listen to the Message Beyond All Fear and Anger 183
Tear off Your Mask. 186
The Secrets of The Embrace. 189


The Spiritual Seeking – Only a Program in the Matrix?. 195
Does Positive Thinking Free Us From the Matrix?. 202
How to Exit the Matrix in 6 Simple Steps?. 209
The Law of Attraction vs. The Law of Oneness. 215


The Revolution of Consciousness. 225
How to Live in the Flow of Life. 228
How the Higher Levels of Consciousness may Appear in our Life?  234
Where is Your Soul on the Path of Consciousness Evolution?  238
The Power of Solitude. 243
The Lover of the Silence. 247
Magical Power of the Real Meditation. 250
The Secret to Enlightenment: Be Yourself! 255

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