The Biggest Obstacle to Enlightenment

The Biggest Obstacle to Enlightenment
How to Escape from the Prison of Mind Games?

By Frank M. Wanderer


Chapter 1. The Ego
What is an Ego?
How Did the Ego Emerge?
The Ego is a Small Part of the Personality
The Womb From Which the Ego is Born: Identification

Chapter 2. The Games Rooted in the Deepest Levels of the
Mind games
The Mind Game of Becoming Something
The “I Want Even More” – Mind Game
The “I am Important” – Mind Game
The “I am Special” – Mind Game

Chapter 3. The Tricks of the Mind Reinforcing the Ego
The Mind Game Generating Guilt
The “You Are Worthless”– Mind Game
The “It’s Not My Fault!” – Mind Game
The Comforting Mind Game
“The Future Will Be Different”– Mind Game
The “I Want to Be Like Him (Her)”– Mind Game
The “How to Get Rid of the Ego”– Mind Game
The “You Have to Choose” – Mind Game

Chapter 4. The Mind-based Scenario of Our Spiritual “Development”
The Mosaic Image of “Truth” Spiritual Scenarios

Chapter 5. The Tricks of the Spiritual Ego
The Self-Developing Mind Game
The “I Want Peace and Tranquility” – Mind Game
The “I Want to Reach Enlightenment”– Mind Game
The “I Am Above It” – Mind Game
The “I Am the Self” – Mind Game
The “If I Could Meet Him Personally” – Mind Game
Eliminating Mind Games

Chapter 6. Immature vs. Mature Ego
What does it mean that the Ego is mature or immature?
The Mind and the Aspect of the Presence
The Roots of the Ego 
Who is Longing for Freedom?

Chapter 7. The Online Personality
Y and Z generations
The Collection of our Masks
Supermarket and the Santa Claus Feeling
The End of the Cyber-Dream

Chapter 8. Soap-Bubble People
In the Safety of our Soap-Bubble Castle
False Sense of Safety
The End of the Soap-Bubble Existence

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