by: Frank M. Wanderer

When our alertness is intensified, we begin to realize that we are not a body and a soul, but a pure, contemplating Consciousness behind these.
A great inner awakening takes place in us and, for the first time in our life, we begin to feel the most elementary truth of our life, and we experience the pure joy of Existence.
The chant of the heart will sound in us, and our love and happiness will overflow, pouring out to the outside world.
The chant will be a wake up call for the people around us, helping them to find their own harmony in themselves, so that they may also sing the chant of the heart.


I. The Chant of the Heart

II. The Evolution Process of Consciousness

III. Spiritual Birth–Cancelled?

IV. The Masters of Fabricating Lies

V. The Nature of the Mind

VI. The Creative Forces of the Mind

VII. Does Positive Thinking Free Us from the Matrix?

VIII. Who is the One Who Observes the World Through Your Eyes?

IX. The Bloom of the Individuality

X. Transform Your Life with the Power of Acceptance

XI. 5 Powerful Steps to Emotional Healing

XII. The Age of Spiritual Awakening Has Really Begun

XIII. The Conscious Alertness Quiz

XIV. The Pain-Body Quiz

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Appendix A. The Evaluation of the Conscious Alertness Quiz

Appendix B. The Evaluation of the Pain-Body Quiz


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