The Evaluation of the Conscious Alertness Quiz

The first step in the quiz evaluation is the summation of the items’ scores of each dimension. The items belonging to the specific dimensions are shown in Chart:

Dimensions of Consciouss Alertness Quiz
Reduction in the functions of Ego
8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Transcending the functions of Ego
1, 3, 4, 7
Alert Consciousness in the Present
2, 5, 6, 16

The achieved results of the quiz can be interpreted as the following:

Reduction in the functions of Ego

8-21 scores: You possess a Small Ego, which barely exists anymore. You don’t really insist on being right in a quarrel. You are sympathetic with others. You are usually calm, balanced, and you are satisfied with the things around you, the way they are. You are not craving for appreciation.

22-35 scores: Your Ego has average ambitions and desires.

36-48 scores: You own a Big Ego, you tend to think that only you can be right, while others are wrong. You get offended easily, if your truth isn’t accepted. You are at many times restless, dissatisfied, you are always longing for something more, something different. You like surrounding yourself with objects, which you think will make you look more valuable to others.

Transcending the functions of Ego

4-10 scores: You completely identify yourself with your thoughts and feelings. So far you couldn’t overcome the functioning of the Ego. For you, the basis of the interpretation of the reality is the Ego, and the contents that compose it.

11-18 scores: Sometimes you can overcome the functioning of the Ego. At these moments, under the influence of the appearing space-consciousness, you can see and feel the insensibility of the thoughts, the inner emotional chaos. But moments like this are quickly gone, and your identification with the Ego and its functioning returns.

19-24 scores: You already overcame the functioning of the Ego. You are no longer completely identifying yourself with your thoughts and feelings, the space-consciousness has appeared inside you. You can see, that you can’t really find yourself in the outer things, therefore you try to explore the being behind your thoughts and feelings.

Alert Consciousness in the Present

4-10 scores: The Presence, the Alert Consciousness is not yet effective in your life. You still intensively identify yourself with your Ego, it gives your identity, the basis of your self-identity-awareness. The majority of your energies are primarily spent on getting attention and recognition in the world of forms.

11-18 scores: The Presence, the Alert Consciousness is waking up in you. There are moments, when it takes shape in your life. However, these are only evanescent moments, the Ego soon returns and claims its stake.

19-24 scores: The Presence, the Alert Consciousness has already appeared in your life, and it affects it increasingly. You feel and relive the body-alertness, the inner life-fullness, and the intensively vivid energy field laying behind your body. Your identifications related to the world of forms are gradually getting weaker.

Frank M. Wanderer


The revolution of the Consciousness is therefore taking place Now, in the present moment. There are no strategies, no great leaders in this revolution, only heroes who understand the evolutionary progress of the Consciousness and are open to allow the processes to take place in themselves.

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