Discover the Power of Consciousness!

 by Frank M. Wanderer 

This book will only reach you,
if a tiny flame of Alertness is burning in you.
This awakening, small flame will be fanned up
into a huge, blazing torch in you,
and that torch will devour the accustomed, isolated world around you
and place you back into the Oneness, which is your natural state of existence.


I. Alertness

What Does it Mean to be Alert? * The Dimensions of Alertness * Presence

II. You Live in a Dream World

You are Asleep * You Imagine a Whole World Around Yourself * You are not Present * You Live in a Separate World * The Reasons of Your Sleep * Longing for Freedom

III. Be Alert!

The Notion of the Illusionary Self * An Unchanging Factor * The Signs of Awakening *
Stoppage * The Ability to See

IV. Meditate!

Active Meditation * The Nature of Real Meditation

V. Consolidate Your Attention!

To be, and to Do Nothing Else * The Idea of Action * Attention Consolidated * The Object of Attention

VI. Do not Meditate! Exist!

The Survival Instinct of the Illusionary Self * At the Border * Through the Border *
Submerged into the Quiet  of ”I am”

VII. Recognize the Operations of the Mind!

The Power of the Conditioned Mind * In-Depth Programming of the Mind * Closing the Gates

VIII. Find Yourself!

The Image is Being Cleared Up * Your Last Assignment * Self-Research * The End of Self-Research * The Intensity of Being

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