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  1. Our Wholeness is an Ocean of Consciousness ,in which whole Space and Time exist with whole creation with all beiengs

    1. But to find that wholeness, is it not that reality is none reality, thus making time not a creation just an illusion.

    2. Yes. Time is linear and therefore left side brain...the darkness comprehend not the Light. Light is right side. Time being linear, thus makes to be body. Is body not moved by the bodiless? It surely is. Is space body or bodiless? And what of air? And consciousness? Body or bodiless? And the moved is moved by itself? Neigh, by a force greater than the moved is it moved; and of a completely different nature...your body is therefore moved by the bodiless (as is the Cosmos).." your" is left side, which creates separation, thus being in darkness with no light (or "power",which is Heart or right side)

    3. Atonement; At-one-ment. Time is linear and space is infinite sphere (or, circle, if you will)...though they are contrary to ONE another, they exist and are happening at the exact same time...therefore the two being one, the two in one being three, thus making trinity and making Whole or ONE.

    4. The Ego uses the mind as a means of spiritual search. It is through the mind that the Ego intends to understand what is beyond mind and forms. We are only able to get into the possession of Wisdom and get closer to Truth when and if we realize that all the knowledge and experience concentrated in the mind only hamper us in our awakening to Truth.